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Complete Explanation:
A campaign banner for Whig presidential and vice presidential nominees for 1848, Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore.

Unlike Currier's other Whig banners (nos. 1848-5 and -7) this example is horizontal rather than vertical in format. Bust portraits of the two candidates, Taylor in uniform on the left and Fillmore on the right, are framed with acanthus wreaths, and set side-by-side against a dressed stone wall on which are incised three stars. The candidates are turned slightly toward each other and appear against a sky background. The banner compares closely with another banner which Currier produced for the Cass-Butler ticket (no. 1848-9). Taylor and Fillmore were nominated on June 9, 1848, and this print probably appeared soon thereafter. Although Taylor is here titled the "People's Candidate for President," Fillmore is merely called the "Whig Candidate."

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