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Complete Explanation:
Campaign banner for Free Soil Party candidates Martin Van Buren and Charles Francis Adams in the presidential race of 1848. The two candidates, nominated at the third party's convention on August 10, appear in roundel bust portraits framed with laurel. Below the portraits is an oval vignette, between two overflowing cornucopias, of a farm scene showing a man working a field with a horse-drawn plough. Above, resting on bed of clouds that surround the portaits, and flanked by American flags, is the "Temple of Liberty," a peripteral structure with a small dome and the figure of Liberty within. Perched atop the temple is a bald eagle with an olive branch and arrows. Inscribed above the eagle and beneath two rows of stars is the motto: "Free Soil--Free Labor--Free Speech" an abridged rendering of the party's slogan, "Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Speech, and Free Men."

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