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Complete Explanation:
A printed emblematic design, probably for a kerchief, expressing American support for liberal nationalist movements in Europe. The form juxtaposes portraits of George Washington, Hungarian revolutionary Louis Kossuth, and Italian patriot Giuseppe Mazzini.

The central motif is an arrangement of crossed flags, staves, and swords. Against it is a triad of medallions with bust portraits of Washington (top), Kossuth (lower left), and Mazzini (lower right). Washington's roundel is decorated with an oak branch and laurel, and a scroll beneath it quotes the first president: "My anxious recollections, my sympathetic feelings, and my best wishes, are irresistably excited, whensoever, in any country, I see an oppressed nation unfurl the Banners of Freedom."

Directly below are a sword and two shields bearing the names "Kossuth" and "Mazzini." On the left, below Kossuth, is a scroll with his words, "There is a community in the Destiny of Humanity," and "Nothing is impossible to him that wills."

On the right, below Mazzini, is inscribed "God is ever present with those who devote themselves [to?] a sacrifice for the good of mankind." Below the main motif is a blank area, possibly for overprinting. Forming a square border is an alternating pattern of grape leaves and shields bearing the names of earlier European and Latin American reformers and patriots, among them William Tell, Brutus, Simon Bolivar, Robert Emmett, and Joan of Arc.

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