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Jinnoowine [i.e. "genuine"] JOHNSON TICKET. "Carrying the War into Africa."
Complete Explanation:
An illustrated election ticket for the presidential campaign of 1836. Oddly, the ticket lists Ohio's Democratic electors for Van Buren while making a vicious and obscene slur on the wife of his running-mate Richard M. Johnson. It seems to reflect the widespread internal dissatisfaction with the party's choice of Johnson as vice-presidential candidate.

The image is of a black woman, supposedly Johnson's mulatto mistress Julia Chinn. She sits on a small knoll holding a bag, and says, "Let ebery good dimicrat vote for my husband, and den he shall hab his sheer ub de surplum rebbenu wat is in my bag." Evidently "surplum rebbenu" refers (at least on one level) to the Distribution Act, popularly known as the Surplus Bill, providing for the distribution of surplus federal revenue among the states. The bill was signed by Andrew Jackson in June 1836, to aid Van Buren's campaign. (See "Caucus on the Surplus Bill," no. 1836-9 ). Beneath her are the words "She plucks Dick [i.e. Johnson]--and Dick plucks you--and Van [Buren] plucks Dick."

Below the title are two quotes, possibly campaign cries, "Go it, ye Cripples!" and "The people will it!!!" Three other Democratic tickets, apparently from the same press, are also included here (see nos. 1836-16, -17, and -19).

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