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At THE BATTLE OF PALO ALTO, the Americans greatly distinguished themselves, . .
Complete Explanation:
The artist exaggerates the humane treatment given by American soldiers to the Mexican wounded at the Battle of Palo Alto. The title continues, "the Americans greatly distinguished themselves, as well for their bravery, as their humanity toward their unfortunate adversaries. In the heat of the battle they were frequently seen handing their canteens and rations to the wounded Mexicans." Here the fallen Mexican cavalrymen are portrayed as bestial stereotypes, eating and drinking in the thick of a charge against a line of American infantry. With exaggerated politeness, the Americans are shown administering drink and sharing their flasks and canteens with the enemy. The satire may be based on reports of the Americans' kindness toward Mexican casualties after the battle, which was waged on May 8, 1846.

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