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Complete Explanation:
The cartoon pertains to some instance of corruption in the Van Buren administration. Van Buren shovels coins from a great pile into a bag held by a man (probably a federal judge), who urges him, "Matty fill up the shovel, you are not the first man, I have helped out of a dirty scrape what is a little bribery and corruption to us limbs of the law, I have been the means of clearing hundreds."

At left wait two other men, called "Black" and "Cooper," holding bags. Black to Cooper: "I mean to take my mint drops to Hansells the broker and get depreciated paper for it. that will do to pay my landlady her bill and all my other expenses too."

Cooper: "Black dont you think the judge will preach a good sermon for this. when he gets in Georgia. I say Matty dont you mean to count it. I wish I had brought a larger bag."

Van Buren: "No Mr. Cooper I'm above numbers a shovel full or two more or less is of no consequence I will charge it all to the account of the Florida War [i.e., the expensive conflict with the Seminole Indians which dragged on throughout Van Buren's presidency]." "Black.C.C." is probably the work of Napoleon Sarony, given its affinity in draftsmanship and lithographic technique to his "The New Era or Effects of a Standing Army" (no. 1840-3).

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