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Complete Explanation:
An illustrated sheet music cover for a song composed in honor of Republican presidential candidate Rutherford B. Hayes. Uncle Sam sits atop a hay wain labeled "HAYes." A large American flag with a liberty cap and a wreath appears next to him. Tied to a pitchfork on the side of the wagon is a banner reading, "A Good Honest Load of Hayes on the Way to Washington." The wagon's large front wheel is inscribed "Hard Money Wheeler Gold Basis," a reference to Hayes's advocacy of a hard currency, based on redeemability for specie.

The Hayes wagon crosses a bridge over a small stream in which float bags of "Rag Money," or worthless currency. The wagon is pulled across the bridge and toward the U.S. Capitol (here naively labeled "White House") by a team of oxen, each bearing a flag inscribed with a state name. Several farmers or herdsmen accompany the oxen. Two black youths wave from a nearby fence. In the middleground is a signpost, "National Road Ohio to Washington." (Hayes went from being governor of Ohio to President of the United States.) "Honest Money Paid Here" is written in the sky above the Capitol.

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