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Complete Explanation:
A large Whig campaign broadside for the presidential election of 1840. Three columns of text outline the career, military accomplishments, and other distinctions of presidential candidate William Henry Harrison. The text is framed by illustrations of battles and other incidents, military motifs and trophies, figures of Indians and General Harrison on horseback. The scenes are clockwise from upper left:

"Harrison's participation in Wayne's Victory," "Battle of the Thames," "Sortie at Fort Meigs,""General Harrison suppresses the mutiny at Fort Defiance," "General Harrison pardons the assassin," "Battle of Tippecanoe," "Council of Vincennes," "Harrison obtains a cession of 51,000,000 acres of land from the Indians," "Harrison in command at Fort Washington."

At the top is an oval, bust portrait of Harrison in uniform

The broadside was produced relatively early in the campaign, as the Library's impression was deposited for copyright on April 11, 1840. The Library owns a second version of the broadside, without imprint but presumably from the same press (Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Broadside Collection, portfolio 232, no. 8), in which the same illustrations, lacking only "Harrison in command at Fort Washington," are included in a different sequence. Many of the same vignettes and type ornaments are also used, and the text is the same. A third version in the Library (Broadside Collection, portfolio 232, no. 8a) is identical to the second except that the text is in German.

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