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Complete Explanation:
A gently satirical commentary on Zachary Taylor's bid for the presidency. In a small office Taylor, hat in hand, is interviewed by a young Brother Jonathan, who sits in a rocking chair with his legs propped up on a "Treasury" strong-box. Jonathan smokes a cigar and stirs a mint julep which, together with a bottle of gin, rests on the table next to him. The various parts of his chair are inscribed symbolically: "Our Rights" (chair back), "Citizenship" (armrest), "Constitution" (seat), and "Freedom" (runner). Posted on a wall behind him is a map of the United States and a notice "White House to Let 4 Years lease from March 4th 1848. Terms moderate." At the far left a writing desk is visible.

Taylor stands near the door at right, touching his forelock with his hand. In the dialogue, printed in the lower margin, Jonathan instructs Taylor on anti-subtreasury, soft money Whig fiscal doctrine.

Jonathan: "Ah! Youre the Party that wants to Rent my Farm Eh!"

Taylor: "If you Please Mr. Jonathan sir, I'm an old Soldier sir. Served in the Mexican Campaign sir."

Jonathan: "Very well Mr. Taylor you can have it on one condition, that you offer no obstruction to the removal of the Subtreasury nuisance, so Detrimental to the River Currency, which as you know, sets all my Factories and Workshops a going."

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