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Complete Explanation:
A printed facsimile of a banner for one of the Irish Repeal Associations in the United States, organizations which sprang up in many American cities in support of repeal of the oppressive Irish Legislative Union. Here a blank space is left for inscribing or overprinting the first part of the association name, suggesting that the banner was intended for use by any of several local groups.

Suspended on two arrows, the banner hangs on a staff with an eagle finial. On the banner a wreath of shamrocks enframes two female figures, representing Ireland (left) and America. Both figures are in classical costume. Ireland supports with one hand a large harp behind which a wolfhound is visible, and gestures with the other hand toward the tasseled liberty cap on a staff held by the America figure. America also holds a shield emblazoned with stars and stripes.

Behind the figures is a rocky landscape where the sun is emerging from dark clouds. Above the scene is a bald eagle holding an American flag and a streamer with the words "Justice to Ireland." The whole banner is set against a background of dark clouds. Below the title is the Irish repeal movement leader Daniel O'Connell's admonition, "He Who Commits a Crime Strengthens the Enemy of His Country."

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