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Complete Explanation:
A campaign banner for the 1872 Republican national ticket. The armored figure of Liberty stands between portraits of presidential candidate Ulysses S. Grant and running mate Henry Wilson. Grant's portrait is adorned with oak leaves and Wilson's with olive or laurel branches. On the left are military paraphernalia associated with Grant--rifles, a cannon, and a sword. Beyond is a log cabin. On the right are a writing desk and the Constitution. In the distance is a view of the U.S. Capitol.

Below, before the two portraits, is a shield inscribed "Let Us Have Peace. The Nation's Choice. Novr. 1872." "Let us have peace" were the closing words in Grant's May 29, 1868, letter accepting his first presidential nomination. The phrase became a Republican slogan for both the 1868 and 1872 elections. The drawing style compares closely with Joseph E. Baker's work for Boston lithographers in earlier elections.

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