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Complete Explanation:
A satire on Franklin Pierce's alleged ineptness as an officer during the Mexican War. There are two scenes. In the left frame, in "New Hampshire," Pierce trains a band of volunteer militia, exhorting them, "Forward! my brave Compatriots preserve but that undaunted front, and victory is ours." A soldier on the far left asks, "Capting Pierce wheres them Britishers! darn their skins just show em to a feller! will ye?"

In contrast, in "Mexico" at right, Pierce lags behind his troops, holding his stomach and complaining, "Oh! how bad I feel, and every Step I go forward, I feel worse. I got such a pain in the abdomen I must resign my Command and go home." A soldier with the group looks back, saying, "Come along Gineral Pierce! heres them ere enemies you used to talk about on trainin down East: Hurry up and lick em."

The print was no doubt issued during the 1852 presidential campaign when Pierce was the Democratic candidate.

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