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Complete Explanation:
In marked contrast to the Alexandrians in the previous print, the Baltimoreans offered the British invaders stiff resistance. Here Charles portrays the repulsion of the Royal Army at Fort McHenry and the gallant performance of the American militia there.

In a landscape before Fort McHenry, members of the American Fifth Regiment (at left) pursue a disorderly troop of British and Highland soldiers toward the right. The first of them prods the rump of John Bull (again, a bull in seaman's outfit) saying, "Oh! hoh! -- Johnny you thought you had Alexandrians to deal with did you -- But we'll teach you to know what a flogging is!!!"

John Bull: "Mercy! mercy on me -- What fellows those Baltimoreans are -- After the example of the Alexandrians I thought I had nothing to do but enter the Town and carry off the Booty -- And here is nothing but Defeat and Disgrace!!!"

On the right a mounted officer (Admiral Cockburn?) urges the British back, saying, "What's the Matter! you Cowardly rascals! Back back and execute the orders of your Government --We must attack every point that's assailable!"

A Highlander responds, "In gude troth Admiral I think ye are as mad as our government Dinna ye ken the General's kilt -- ye must only attack sie places as Hampton, Havre de Grace, or Alexandria."

In the background an American rifleman in the brush fires at mounted Scottish General Robert Ross.

Sniper: "Now for this Chap on Horseback with the plaid Bonnet on -- There -- there's a Rifle pill for you -- Thats a quietus."

Ross: "Deil [sic] tak that Republican rascal wi his Rifle gun for he's blawn my brains out."

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