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Complete Explanation:
A crude allegory of American prosperity and victory over England. Below the image an "Explanation" reads:

"I America sitting on that quarter of the globe with the Flag of the United States displayed over her head; holding in one hand the Olive branch, inviting the ships of all nations to partake of her commerce; and in the other hand supporting the Cap of Liberty.

II Fame proclaiming the joyful news to all the world.

III Britannia weeping at the loss of the trade of America, attended with an evil genius.

IV The British flag struck, on her strong Fortresses.

V French, Spanish, Dutch &c shipping in the harbours of America.

VI A view of New=York wherein is exhibited the Trator [sic] Arnold, taken with remorse for selling his [country?] and Judas like hanging himself."

America is represented by a Minerva figure, seated beneath a dead tree, with a shield bearing a snake. The shield is ringed with another snake, the Uroborus. The American flag has thirteen stars.

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