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THE PENDING CONTEST. Although all Copperheads call themselves Democrats, nevertheless, all Democrats are not Copperheads.
Complete Explanation:
A variant of "The Pending Conflict" (no. 1863-10), evidently issued at about the same time (and deposited for copyright on the same date). Significant alterations here include: the "Neutrality" band has been removed from around the clubs held by John Bull; Napoleon III now seems to dance, with his hand on John Bull's shoulder; Secession's belt reads only "Secession" and the Union figure's reads "The people shall rule!"; four burning ships appear in the background; and, Secession's club is cracked and splintering.

The text, printed in letterpress below the image, reads:

"Emp. Napoleon.--Whip him, Secesh, and as you have helped me to a chance to win Mexico, only keep him employed a little longer, and then I will help you. John Bull.--Down with him, Secesh, burn his ships, destroy his commerce--England has plenty more such clubs for you.

Secesh.--I will kill him if I can, and yet, this Mudsill, whom I have despised as a mercenary coward, insulted, and would have trodden under foot, has proved to be a very giant in courage and in resources; even hampered as he is, nevertheless, his blows fall so hard and fast, that, but for his attention being diverted by the assaults of that Snake [i.e., the copperhead], I would be unable to continue the conflict one moment longer.

U. S. Citizen Soldier.--The Flag of my country trampled under foot--the ships of my countrymen destroyed upon the ocean, by those who would disenfranchise me of my rights of citizenship, and make me an alien, and a stranger, in the fairest portion of my own land, and I, when battling for my rights, have met a long, a desperate, and a sanguinary contest, where, but for the encouragement given to my adversary by the attacks of this vile Copperhead, I would otherwise have quickly won a complete, and almost "bloodless" victory."

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