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Complete Explanation:
Martin Van Buren's New York political favorites are represented as piglets suckled by a giant sow "The Empire State." The artist's pointed reference is to the exploitation of New York State by the President and his supporters.

The piglets nursed by the sow bear the names "The Regency" and "Tammany Hall" (popular names for the state and city Democratic machines respectively), "Weigh master General," the names of various patronage positions and of banks friendly to the administration, and the "Safety Fund." On the left other piglets, representing applications for bank charters and government offices and "The Times," await the sleeping sow's attention. Van Buren (left) and a stout Dutchman (a stereotyped character often used to represent New York State) look on.

Van Buren: Was ever man blest with such a fine old sow and litter of pigs! They have made me the greatest man in the Union, and even follow me every where!

Dutchman: Myn Got dey will suck de very life's blood out of dat old sow, I never seen pigs suck so in all myn life. Got for damn such a breed! Myn Vrow would not have dem on de farm.

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