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THE "OSTEND DOCTRINE" Practical Democrats carrying out the principle.
Complete Explanation:
The Ostend Manifesto, advocated by American minister to England James Buchanan, minister to Spain Pierre Soule, and John Y. Mason, minister to France, urged the purchase or (if necessary) seizure of Cuba from Spain. The manifesto was issued in October 1854.

Here Buchanan is singled out for attack for his role in the controversy. He is surrounded by four unkempt toughs seeking to rob him of his coat, hat, watch, and money. Their demands include quotations from the manifesto (given in bold below), which is posted on the fence at right.

First hoodlum (an Irishman, at far left) raising a club: "If ye don't hand over yer small change in a jiffy ye ould spal-peen "I'll feel justified" in taking it out of ye wid a touch of this shillaly as "I pozziz the power.&1"

Second hoodlum, armed with a club and knife: "Come lets have that ticker or you'll find that "Considerations exist which render delay" in doing so "Exceedingly dangerous" to your head."

Third hoodlum, holding a large revolver: "Off with this Coat old fellow! and be quick about it or "it is not improbable that it may be wrested" from you "by a successful revolution" of this six barrel'd joker."

Fourth hoodlum: "I'll take your hat Old Buck! I hain't got none as I may catch a cold in my head "its immediate acquisition" by me "is of paramount importance."

Buchanan protests: "Why! Why! this is rank robbery! Help! Help! all Honest men!" Weitenkampf attributes the print to Louis Maurer.

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