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Complete Explanation:
The man "wot pays no postage" here is Van Buren ally and publicist Amos Kendall. The profits and influence Kendall derived from publication of the administration organ the "Extra Globe" were no doubt increased by his free use of federal franking privileges and the mails. The particular issue addressed here is uncertain, but involves a claim submitted by a Mr. Reeside.

Here Kendall is seated at a table strewn with documents "Post Roads," "Mail," and "A. Kendal Dr. to Reeside." He is confronted by an unidentified man (probably Reeside) at left who presents a bill for $148,648,.93. The man announces, "I present the enclosed account current, according to the request of the Auditor of the Post Office Department containing my claims submitted according to law for allowance of credits & also my acknowledgements of debits saving & excepting all errors & and reserving the right of correcting mistakes, should any appear."

Kendall, arms folded, responds, "I refer you to my Auditor...I obey no Laws...I make my own!"

To the right of Kendall stand two men, also in dispute. One with spectacles is entreated by the other, "I am counsel for Reeside. All we want is Justice! we have waited four years and made many sacrifices - we will even take your own account; our claim is near $150,000 as admitted by a Committee of the Senate of the United States on Post Office and Post Roads." The other replies, "I have laid down the Law and must have record proof!"

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