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Complete Explanation:
A small card bearing a vitriolic indictment of the Confederacy. The artist particularly attacks the the institution of slavery, the foundation of Southern economy. A large shield is flanked by two figures: a planter (left) and a slave. The planter wears spurs and a broad-brimmed hat and smokes a cigar. The slave is clad only in breeches, and his hands are manacled. Above the shield are two crossed flags, the Confederate flag and one bearing a skull and crossbones and the number 290. Between the flags are a rooster and a streamer with the motto "servitudo esto perpetua." On the shield are images associated with the South: a mint julep, a bottle of "Old Rye," a pistol and dagger, a whip and manacles, cotton, tobacco, and sugar plants, and slaves hoeing.

In the background left, dominated by the palmetto tree of South Carolina, three planters, one holding a whip, play cards at a table. Beyond, two men duel with pistols. On the right, a female slave is auctioned as two slave children stand by and a black woman watches from a cabin doorway.

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